Ed Pyle                                     


Ed got his first real guitar, a half-size acoustic, at the age of six and was soon playing and singing with school friends in The Minis. By the time he got his first electric guitar a couple of years later, The Minis had become The Rockets and were joined by Ed's sister Anna on keyboards and vocals. They played cover versions of popular songs at school fetes and other local events and were beginning to write songs of their own.

Throughout his teens, Ed played guitar with various line-ups, including Roots with his sister, as well as playing solo acoustic gigs featuring his own material. He was also involved in building sound systems and began taking an interest in the technical side of recording.

Between 2004 and mid 2006, Ed played bass, recording and playing live with various bands including The Measure, The Sunflies, Invey and Kid At The Back. He was also helping Steve Rispin build and operate his new recording studio, which led to his 'engineering assistance' credit on the Dave Kilminster album 'Scarlet'.

Ed is now in control of engineering and all things technical for The RollBand.

With thanks to Steve Rispin for his continued support.